Wednesday, September 2, 2009

TGIS!!!! (Thank God It's Schooltime!!!!)

We have been back in school for a week and a half now. Alexander is in 5th grade and takes a bus to and from school. Rebekah is in 2nd grade at the new school that opened this year just down the street from us. Elijah is in the afternoon Head Start program at yet a different school and is loving it. We have even had two back to school nights already with just one more to go.

Emma seems to not mind having her brothers and sister gone during the day. I am slowly trying to bring some order back to the house and we are settling, slowly, into a routine. We are back to inline hockey practice on Tuesday nights with two games each Saturday. Ice hockey will start in about a month. And there are other events coming up-the Tri State Fair parade and the Fair itself. Homecoming at WTAMU next month (another parade to attend!). Oh yeah, the NFL season kicks off in just one more week. Hopefully, this will be the Dallas Cowboys' year, especially now that they have a cool, new stadium to play in. This weekend, we will be going to the Boys Ranch Rodeo.

Fall has always been my favorite time of year. While most people, especially my husband Matt, would get spring fever, I usually got autumn fever, usually in August. This year, I just haven't gotten it though. Not sure why. I hope once we get past Labor Day weekend and NFL games start and the Rangers try to make the baseball playoffs, well maybe the feeling will hit me. I guess it is just still hard to get used to the changes in my life even though we have been back in Texas for a year now. Or maybe it is a sign of my age. Turning 40 in just a couple of months does come to mind.

Another school year, changing seasons, getting older...sometimes this stretch of the highway is going by too fast.